If you are planning to rent a villa with a swimming pool in Cyprus for your holiday you will need to take certain things into consideration. Villa owners may have things that they wish their guests to also consider. Below are listed some of things you will need to think about before you finalize your booking.
Prior to taking possession of a villa, you will need to confirm with the owner of the villa as to whether they have arranged for a professional pool cleaner to come in and clean the swimming pool or if it is your responsibility to clean it as the pool will require regular maintenance.

Many accidents can happen around a swimming pool. There is an added danger if there are children or elderly people staying at the villa with you. Surfaces around the pool can become extremely slippery so it always recommended that caution is taken when moving around the pool. Children are at a risk of drowning even if there is hardly any water in the pool. It is advisable that when anyone is using the pool or within the pool area that there are always two persons as this will ensure that if there is an accident there is someone there to assist and/or call for help.

Prevention of accidents:-
If during your stay in a villa with a pool you plan to throw a party, regardless of the size, you should be aware that many accidents can occur. Broken glass from bottles can be a danger to everyone as someone is likely to cut themselves. It is also possible that a guest who has had a little too much to drink may fall in the pool and will need to be rescued so that they do not drown. Great care and constant monitoring of your guests will be required to ensure that the environment is kept safe.

Before you finalise your stay at a Cyprus villa it is wise for you to check with the villa owner as to what should be done by you if any problems are encountered. If for example an appliance breaks down should you contact the owner directly, the letting agent (if there was one) or should you contact a professional to come in and fix the appliance. Request contact numbers from the villa owner or agent for any such occurrence and keep them close to hand in case they are needed.

What happens if a problem happens that results in you not being able to stay at the villa that was originally chosen? Are you able to get a transfer to a different villa with a pool that is of similar type to the one you were originally intending to stay at? Check this with the villa owner or agent before completing the booking.

Early departure:-
There may be an unexpected and unavoidable reason that means you will need to terminate your stay at the villa earlier than was previously booked. What will this entail? How would one go about doing this? Will you still have to pay for the days that you have not used? Will you receive your deposit back? These are all questions will need to ensure that you ask the villa owner or letting agent as there is usually a procedure that would need to be followed. Ensure that you understand all the clauses that are relevant to your stay at a Cyprus villa.

The best way to make sure that your stay at a Cyprus villa with a swimming pool is pleasant, enjoyable and memorable you will need to first make sure that all the rules surrounding your stay are easily understood. If you find anything confusing you should as for clarification before you arrive at the villa.