The check list below has been designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for when deciding to rent a villa in Cyprus.

1) Make sure that you use a letting company with a good reputation or one that comes highly recommended. Check out the company’s website. Is it professional? Does it have all of their contact details? (Not just a mobile number). Ensure that you have all of the contact details for the company before you start to send any money.

2) If a price seems very low for no good reason, be suspicious. Always try and pay by credit card and ensure that the card has all the required protection. Don’t pay with a money transfer as some money transfer companies allow the cash to be received anonymously.

3) If you choose to look online, make sure you speak to the agents by phone or send them an email to see how quickly they respond and how they respond. Shop around; don’t select the first agent that you come across. Request to speak to previous customers. If the agent is as good as they appear to be and have done a good job in the past they will have no problem in getting you in contact with their previous customers. Always do a search on the agent you are thinking about using to see what, if anything comes up about them. You may be able to find information provided by previous customers whether good or bad.

4) Ensure that you are aware as to what currency is being used when the price is quoted to you as it can be in either Euros or Sterling. This will guarantee that you are aware of exactly how much you are going to be spending. Make certain of the time that you can enter the villa and at what time you will need to vacate the villa on departure.

5) Know how to get to the villa as the taxi driver may not know the villa from the address as well as the possibility that you may be arriving at night when there is no one around to assist you. Take note of any land marks or buildings that are nearby to the villa to enable you to provide the taxi driver with as much information. Ask if the villa is next to a disco or if there is any construction happening next door and if so how often.

Follow this basic check list to help you enjoy and have a memorable Cypriot villa rental experience.